Explore Filey and the North Yorkshire Coast




 a view of Reighton Sands coast with cliffs in the horizon

Sunshine days and salty breezes await.

Positioned along North Yorkshire's stunning coastline, Reighton Sands and Primrose Valley holiday parks are your gateways to endless adventures – Both on the parks and beyond them.

Step outside your caravan and discover a treasure trove of experience, ranging from family fun on golden sands to historical explorations to simply basking in the serenity of the Yorkshire countryside. Here you can find out more about the sights, sounds and attractions surrounding these Filey holiday parks.


a view of Filey beach with Filey Brigg in the horizon?


From cosy towns to historic settlements

The best part? Each town is no more than 20 minutes away from Reighton Sands or Primrose Valley, making them perfect for daytrips if you're staying there with our caravan hire in Filey.





Looking to conquer waves, make memories or simply unwind in the sun?

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an aerial view of Filey, with the sea-facing houses and beach visible


The Yorkshire Town of Filey

Filey is a picturesque seaside town located on the North Yorkshire coast of England. It's renowned for its stunning beaches, charming promenade, and rich history. While Filey itself is a town, there are several smaller villages and areas nearby that contribute to the overall character of the region.


a herd of llamas walking towards the camera in a grassy field


Filey Bird and Animal Park

Sprawled out over 5 acres, this award-winning nature park has plenty to do and see for adults and children alike. Get up-close with animals ranging from majestic owls to exotic parrots to always-entertaining meerkats, before soaking in the serenity of the ground's secluded gardens.

a view of Filey Beach with the tide going out, with Filey Brigg in the background


Filey Beach

The 2018 winner of the Sunday Times' ‘Beach of the Year' award, Filey Beach offers 5 miles of sandy bliss. It's perfect for both days out building sandcastles or splashing in the waves, with plenty of fresh seafood readily available at seafront chippies and restaurants.

a mother and daughter looking at objects in a museum


Filey Museum

Discover Filey's rich maritime heritage at one of the UK's standout small museums. Founded by volunteers with a focus of letting visitors get up close with the exhibits, you will find intricate displays of period costumes, interactive exhibits and a lovingly-restored Victorian parlour.






a view of Bridlington beach, fair and town in the background from Bridlington Pier?



Bridlington offers something for every soul – From leisurely strolls along the South Bay to a vibrant town centre, adventure awaits around every corner.



Some areas of note include


a view of Bridlington's south bay and promenade at twilight


South Bay 

Stretch out on the golden sands of Bridlington's South Bay, a sprawling paradise for sunbathers and sandcastle architects alike. Build towering monuments, splash in the gentle waves or take a scenic stroll along the promenade. We recommend you stick around until the evenings to witness a truly breathtaking sunset.

a view of boats moored at Bridlington Harbour


Bridlington Harbour 

A centuries-old fishing heritage makes Bridlington Harbour one of the county's top destinations for seafood. From plump lobster rolls to succulent crab to, of course, fresh fish and chips, sea-foodies will feel right at home. Besides food, the market boasts local produce, handcrafted souvenirs and unique mementos.

the south side and south tower of Bridlington Priory next to a graveyard


Bridlington Priory 

Step into the past at this majestic Augustinian church. Climb the spiral staircase of the tower to be rewarded with panoramic views of the town and coastline, or delve into the priority's history museum to learn more about stories of Viking raids and local knights.







a view of the town of Scarborough, with the bay and castle on the hill visible



Sun-kissed sands, historic gems and thrilling adventures – Scarborough offers seaside experience for all.


We recommend you visit


the remains of Scarborough Castle overlooking the North Sea


Scarborough Castle 

Immerse yourself in 3,000 years of history. Originally used as a signal station by the Romans, this hilltop fortification provides staggering views of the surrounding coastline. Unravel the fascinating history of this ancient site, from the Viking age to the Civil War to World War Two, before visiting the Master Gunner's café for a bite to eat.

an inflatable water park on a lake


North Yorkshire Water Park

The ideal site for a day of adventure both on and off the water. North Yorkshire Water Park boasts everything from zip lines to puzzle rooms to wakeboarding, along with plenty of scenic nature walks and hidden gardens to discover.


a girl riding a horse figure on a carousel roundabout


Luna Park 

Step into a whirlwind of classic rides and carnival games at one of the UK's best amusement parks. No visit to Scarborough is complete without a stop here!